Monday, May 16, 2011

My notes on roaming.

So after about 50 games of ranked and playing roaming I love it.

But here are the problems.  Low XP, you are never in lane for more than 3 minutes.  If your team doesn't act when you do your wasting your time ganking.

Also here is my list of characters that I believe to be viable roamers.

Eve straight up harassment with stun.
Alistar stun and a knockback.  He is good a little reliant on flash imo.
Janna a slow and a knock back and you make other people hit harder with your shield.
Taric Heal/Stun/Armor Debuff
Moaki  Snare and kockback
Blitz Hes ok he has his pull and his knock up....  But in my opinion he needs more gold than you get with a roamer.

And that's really it for good roamers in my opinion.  I am currently experimenting with Gold/10 quints and XP quints.  I can't seem to decide on what I like better.

Going to go play a game with Roaming Janna and actually try her out.


  1. This is great information!

  2. I'm really thinking about starting to play this.

  3. i dont play, but im really tempted to start just to fully figure out what the hell you just said

  4. I cant wait to check this out tbh ;D

  5. Never heard of the game until now.
    Is it like, an indie cheap game or something good?

  6. I have a lot of friends who play this... I may need to give it a try.

  7. i am downloading this game right now

  8. I played LoL for a bit, but went back to dota. You got any dota experience?